SSP4032 Mobile Stage

The SSP4032 Mobile Stage is made up of stage decks and a steel exoskeleton. The SSP4032 measures 40' x 32' and gives the customer the option to have a roof or not. Because this stage is made up of stage decks, the 4032 can be configured in many different sizes to accommodate the customer's needs.


ICC at Fairpark 2011 

In 2011, we set up the SSP4032 to accommodate the ICC event at Fairpark in Tupelo, MS. The band, choirs, and show choir performed and had no issues fitting on the stage. (note: the screens are rented from a local company in Tupelo.)

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

POntotoc County DNOW 2017 | Agri-center

Show above the SSP4032 was configured into a 32' x 24' stage which provided plenty of room for Bethany Barr Phillips. We enjoy getting to work with these very talented musicians whose mission is to lead others to Christ. 

Pontotoc Bodock Festival 2010

Pictured above, the Annual Bodock Festival requires the SSP4032 to be configured into a 24' x 24' stage that fits over the Courthouse steps. This stage is perfect anywhere!